150-36 14th Ave.
Whitestone, NY

Company History

Over three decades ago, an ambitious and talented young pool builder – Gus – stepped out on his own to create a swimming pool business that not only provided exquisite workmanship in design, installation and maintenance but always made a point of putting the customer first. It’s a level of superior service Gus Pools is known for and one of the core principles of our corporate culture. Gus has spent a lifetime building swimming pools. Early in his career, he worked for Hedon Pools and Lifetime Pools where he honed in his skills and gained notoriety for the high standard of his work. As the demand for his work increased, Gus made the natural progression to open his own swimming pool business so he could be able to adequate service all the requests.

Founded in 1972, Gus Pools had humble beginnings with production stemming from a committed husband and wife team. Gus built Gus Pools from the ground up, literally, as a result from the sweat of his brow and a remarkable work ethic. His hard work, dedication and meticulous craftsman are what have made him one of the most sought after installers in New York. As years passed and business expanded, Gus Pools welcomed the next generation / lineage to lead a talented team of swimming pool builders, maintenance technicians and office administrators. Gus instilled the same ideals and expectations he had for himself into his two sons, Pat and Pete. Together Pat and Pete have further refined the business and are continuously incorporating new proven techniques and advances in the swimming pool industry. At Gus Pools we recognize the joy and happiness swimming pools add to the lifestyle of its owners. We take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that our pools provide our customers this added level of pleasure. When making the decision to add a swimming pool to your home turn to Gus Pools and receive the best service you’ve ever experienced. We will not let you down!