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Services Offered for Our Pools

Gus Pools provides a comprehensive suite of pool services and pool repairs to assist you in the long-term maintenance of your swimming pool. To learn more about the specific services provided and to receive a free consultation, contact Gus Pools at (718) 746 – 5005.

Services Gus Pools offers:

  • Pool / Spa Summerizing (Pool Opening)
  • Pool / Spa Winterizing (Pool Closing)
  • Equipment repairs and replacements
  • Spa and water treatment installation
  • Cleaning and maintenance of in-ground pools (gunite and vinyl)
  • Retiling and plastering using marble dust, diamond brite, river rok, pebble tec or bead crete
  • Pool re-piping
  • Vinyl layer replacement
  • Automatic pool covers
  • Loop-loc safety covers and Baby-loc fences

Our pool repair services are provided on an as-needed bases and serve as a preventative measure to maintain the integrity of your swimming pool and to fix minor problems before they become major repairs. These services are offered on an as needed basis and can include:

  • Vinyl layer replacement
  • Plastering and retiling gunite/cement pools
  • Replacement of pool pumps, filters, heaters, pool lights, salt system digital controls, loop-loc safety covers, child safety fences and automatic pool covers
  • Leak detection and repair

Call us today at (718) 746 – 5005 to learn more!