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The Importance of Leak Detection Service for your Swimming Pool

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When there is a leak in a swimming pool, not only do we lose water, we lose money too. Considering the cost of hiring a leak detection specialist to fix the problem as well as the fact that we will also need to fill the pool daily to the desired water level, needless to say, this is one issue that must be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

Another problem that arises in this situation is the increase in the quantity of water treatment chemicals that will be required to keep the water in a good sanitary condition. With a water leak in the swimming pool, operators of commercial swimming pools stand to lose significant revenue for the duration that the pools are shut for renovation.

Common Pool Leak Problems

It is a fact that some of the water can be lost naturally by evaporation that occurs, especially in the peak of the summer season. However, when we observe that the volume of water in the pool drops considerably, chances are that there is a leak. Leaks may occur for several reasons, one of the most common has to do with the state of the pipes or cracks on the deck, walls or the bottom of the pool.

Every pool is pretty much subject to leakage at some point in it’s life span. All the PVC pipes, iron or copper used in the pool and its accessories suffer from the ravages of time and thus, they need to be checked at regular intervals to prevent the problem from getting worse.  A small leak in a pipe or walls can result in large water losses and cause serious damage to the pool structure and environment until the leak is detected.

Hence, to prevent future leaks and loss of water, energy and money, a weekly schedule of monitoring of the level of the water line in the pool should be factored into the pool’s maintenance routine.

Once it has been established that there is indeed a leak in the swimming pool, professional leak detection services must be consulted. It is usually a good idea to contact the company that built the pool in the first place. If, for some reason, they are unavailable or you don’t know the company that did the installation, there are lots of other leak detection specialists who can tackle the problem for you.

Making the Right Decisions for Your Swimming Pool

Leak detection services are industry experts with the skill and experience to identify and resolve all types of leakage issues without causing any damage to the pool. They have sophisticated electronic leak detection equipment to assess the most vulnerable points within the pool structure, locate the precise location(s) of the leaks and perform the repairs quickly without damage to the pipes or to the pool structure.

Pool Leakage Service

Thankfully, several steps in the leak detection process can be accomplished without the need to remove the water from the pool. This saves the owner the cost of refilling the pool and the resultant electricity consumption.

The choice of the leak detection service to employ is a very important one because a wrong choice can cause far greater damage to the leaking pipes. It will also cause unnecessary delays if the company or technician is not very competent enough to perform the assigned detection task within a reasonable duration of time.


Whenever you are hiring someone to fix any leaks in your pool, it is absolutely essential to hire only qualified professionals with extensive experience on the job as this is a job that must be done with great caution. There is no margin for error as any such mistakes by the technicians could result in loss of time and money.

In conclusion, leak detection services are non-negotiable for any swimming pool. Beyond the inconvenience a leak in the swimming pool can cause, there are significant financial implications ranging from an increase in the water bill, electricity bill, and higher costs of water treatment chemicals to treat the pool to the cost of hiring a leak detection specialist.

If these leaks are not promptly fixed, they will cause even greater structural damage to the pool.