The Importance of Weekly Pool Maintenance Service

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If you want to keep your pool in the best possible shape, then pool maintenance is of utmost importance. Proper weekly pool maintenance will keep the pool water properly disinfected and the water quality at optimal levels at all times.

Not only is pool maintenance an aesthetic issue, but it is also a health issue because if we do not keep our pool clean, it can become a source of infections such as eye and ear infections, itchy skin, and maybe even worse.

In order to avoid this, on a weekly basis, all year round, we must perform some basic steps to help us keep it clean throughout the year.

For the purpose of this article, we will be outlining the importance of performing weekly maintenance service on your swimming pool.

The weekly maintenance tasks on the pool structure and its water can be done by you (if you have all the right products and tools) or you may decide to hire us here at Gus Pools who has a professional staff ready for your needs.

For best results, it is highly recommended that pool maintenance be done weekly, regardless of whether or not the pool is in use. Pool water is not like the running water from our taps. It is more or less stagnant water and there is a greater risk of it becoming unhealthy pretty quickly if not maintained adequately.

An ill-maintained pool can quickly become a nightmare. Also, if the pool is not attended to regularly, cleaning it up after a long period of time would become an overwhelming task. Hence, the need to do this on a weekly basis.

Filtration system

Most pools are equipped with a filtration system to keep the pool clean. However, even the filter itself needs weekly maintenance to dislodge any dirt particles that have accumulated in it. Failure to do this may significantly affect the effectiveness of the filter with the result being that your pool remains dirty. Filter at least 8 hours per day, preferably half an hour on and off in order to effectively remove dirt.

Pool water – this needs to be disinfected weekly to prevent it from becoming home to unwanted guests such as bacteria, algae, fungi etc. There are several ways to do disinfect the pool water but chlorine is probably the most common used. Ozone therapy and UV light are other known methods.

Pool tiles – Pool tile cleaning is also importance otherwise the tiles lose their luster after a while.

pH & Chlorine – It is advisable to check both the pH and chlorine values at least once a week. Ideally, the pH should be between 7.0 and 7.4 while the chlorine should be between 0.6 and 1.5 ppm. You can use a digital pH meter to gauge the pH while there are test strips/kits available for measuring the chlorine level in the water.

The less pollution there is in the pool, the less the quantity of chemicals you will need to keep your water perfectly balanced. Thus, weekly maintenance will save you money in the long term.

Swimming Pool Liners

Leak Detection

Sufficient pool maintenance will help detect any possible leaks in the pool. If you suspect a leak, the first step in confirming your suspicion is to use a duct tape to mark the water’s level after filling up the pool.

Let your pool filter run and try to wait for about 12 – 24 hours. Measure the amount of water lost after the specified time by observing the position of the duct tape relative to the water level. Now, fill the pool back up to its normal level and this time, switch off the filtering system. Wait for another 12 to 24 hours and measure again to see if there is any water loss.

If after 24 hours, there is still sign of water loss, then chances are that you have a leak. The obvious solution to this issue is to call in qualified leak detectors.

Pool Liners

The pool liners can get stained by suntan lotion, soap, skin oil, hair gel etc. used by swimmers. These get deposited on the walls and leave a nasty streak. Weekly cleaning with an appropriate cleaning agent will keep the liners looking neat and tidy.

If you put these steps into practice on a weekly basis, you are assured of the highest quality of swimming pool structure and water.

When performed weekly, the overall task of maintaining your swimming pool seems less daunting.