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Why Do Indoor Pools Make a Great Choice for All Year Round?

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An indoor swimming pool has been viewed as a sign of wealth and luxury since the time of the ancient Greeks. An indoor swimming pool offers superior comfort and versatility compared to an outdoor pool, and it can also save you money. Indoor pools give the owner privacy and year-round swimming completely independent of the weather outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of winter or the hottest days of summer, an indoor swimming pool will always give you a refreshing change of pace.

Easily Heated

Trying to heat a pool outdoors can be frustrating and expensive. The heating systems for an outdoor pool are not cost effective, and will often leave you disappointed with the results. The average heater can only raise the water temperature by about 40 degrees, making even the most powerful heater insufficient for the majority of fall, spring, and winter if you life in a colder climate.

The heater for an indoor pool works effectively all year round because the pool isn’t open to the elements and can maintain a steady air and water temperature. A heating system for an indoor pool will also save you money in the long run, because it takes a lot less energy to heat the water than it would if the pool was outdoors.

There are three basic types of heating systems that can heat the pool all year round without any issues. One of the most popular types is the solar powered heater. This method of heating your pool is cost effective and will give you great results, even in the dead of winter. The next most popular is the heat pump heater, which collects heat from the outside air and transfers it to your pool. In sub tropic and northern climates the heat pump can extend your swimming season by many months. Finally, the most expensive but most powerful way to heat your pool is with a propane and natural gas heater. This method will give you the perfect swimming temperature all year round no matter where you live. While it can be costly to maintain one of these systems, it will heat up your pool quickly and effectively, even in the dead of winter.

Swim Whenever You Want

An indoor swimming pool enables the user to swim at any time, during any season. Outdoor swimming pools pose many problems for anyone who wants to swim every day, because the weather isn’t likely to be working in their favor. Whenever it rains or is too cold, the user has to bend their schedule and lose out on quality swimming time.

An indoor pool can be used day or night, no matter the weather, because it’s completely separate from the outdoors. You won’t have to deal with annoying bugs, and cleaning your pool will take much less effort. If you heat your indoor pool, you can keep it at the perfect temperature at all times for a fraction of the price it would take to heat it outside.

Enhanced Design

Each indoor swimming pool is custom designed to suit the customer’s needs, so every pool is unique. Someone with an indoor swimming pool isn’t confined to whatever design was available at the time, so they can have the pool made exactly to their specifications. An indoor pool can also function as a multipurpose room, because many people like to incorporate a bar, lounge, or a family room with the overall design. Even if you aren’t using the pool, you can still use the room all year round.